The 2019 IASA Bulletin is out now! The annual Bulletin gives information on research, publications, field work, conferences and events in the Arabian peninsula in fields ranging from archaeology and history to natural history and the environment. It also carries feature articles and book reviews. To order a hard copy (£5 + p&p at cost) email contact@theiasa.com

This and previous issues are available for download on the Bulletins page.

The IASA Lecture Series

CANCELLATION OF EVENT! Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, our 14th October 2019 event (the screening of ‘Arabian Renaissance’, a documentary film celebrating the renaissance of Saudi Arabian archaeology) has been cancelled.

Advance notice of a lecture by IASA Trustee Michael Macdonald: ‘Nomads, soldiers, musicians and hairdressers: some thoughts on language and identity in the Roman Provinces of Syria and Arabia’, a CBRL Lecture at Wolfson College, Linton Road, Oxford
OX2 6UD, 25 November 2019 18:00 to 20:00

Details of past lectures can be found on the Lecture page and in our Bulletin.

Seminar for Arabian Studies

The Seminar for Arabian Studies is the only annual international forum for the presentation of the latest research in the humanities on the Arabian Peninsula.

The 2019 Seminar took place at the University of Leiden from Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 July.

The Programme for the 2019 Seminar as updated 8 July 2019.

Next year: Cordoba is planned as the venue, with the Seminar in early/mid-July.


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⭕️ آثار اليمن: نيران حول الذاكرة
تعرض التراث الثقافي اليمني لمخاطر عديدة تحت نير الحرب المستعرة هناك منذ أكثر من أربع سنوات، وفي مقدمة هذه المخاطر تكالب لصوص الآثار على نبش المواقع، ونهب المخازن وسرقة الكثير من الآثار
ℹ️ https://t.co/vqz70x4cCp
ℹ️ https://t.co/OncezCIQLF

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