Publication of papers in the Proceedings

The Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies is a peer-reviewed series which each year publishes papers read at the Seminar in the previous July. It is the prime source for the most recent research on the Arabian Peninsula within a wide range of disciplines and for the latest discoveries in the field.

The Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies is edited by Dr. Steve Karacic, assisted by an Editorial Board formed from members of the Steering and Editorial Committee of the Seminar, and other distinguished scholars.

Authors who presented a paper at the most recent Seminar and wish to submit it for publication in the Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies should follow the Guidelines for AuthorsSubmissions should be made via the Open Journal System.

The submission deadline is 30th September 2021. Due to the short time available to edit and publish the Proceedings this deadline will be strictly enforced. If you have any problems about the deadline (or do not wish to submit a paper) please contact us as soon as possible.

Correspondence concerning the content of PSAS should be addressed to the editor at

Instructions for Authors

Click here to download the updated (July 2021) guidelines for authors who are submitting manuscripts for publication in the Proceedings. Guidance on the transliteration of place names is provided in this  list of place names prepared by Orhan Elmaz.  You will require the Adobe Acrobat viewer. If you do not have this please visit the Adobe website to download this free program. Authors who would like to publish their papers in the Proceedings must submit their papers by the 30th September.

Guidelines for Editors

Click here to download the guidelines for editors who are preparing manuscripts for publication in the Proceedings.


Download “Semitic Times New with the recommended Greek font”, kindly provided by Dr David Milson for the Seminar for Arabian Studies. These are available as separate font files, or as a combined download in one zip file ( – 671 Kb) . To download the separate font files, please go on each link, then right click on your mouse and select “Save Link As…”

timsembdNew.ttf (TrueType Font file – 336 Kb)
timsembiNew.ttf (TrueType Font file – 244 Kb)
timsemitNew.ttf (TrueType Font file – 255 Kb)
timsemNew.ttf (TrueType Font file – 328 Kb)
tmsrr_l.ttf (TrueType Font file – 58 Kb)

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